As all discerning decorators know, great looking window furnishings aren’t just about the fabric that’s chosen. Finishing touches can make a real difference, both in terms of functionality and looks. The right accessories can help the curtains blend in with the rest of the interiors.

Imperial Décor can source a wide range of curtain rods and tracks, for the perfect finished look no matter what fabric or trim you go with. You may be surprised at the breadth of options available; from simple white enamel to ornate brass-look rods with carved ends and tassels, there’s sure to be something to suit your style. In addition to the designs you see in the image on this page, we stock (and can source) many more; be sure to ask when you email or call for your consultation.

Not sure which curtain tracks and rods would best suit your rooms? There are a few elements you can keep in mind to make your choice easier. Firstly, the rod or track should complement some aspect of the fabric, whether it’s matching with a colour in the pattern, or contrasting attractively with a block shade. Any carved-look ornate details should match the style of the curtain in general, i.e. classic, vintage-inspired, or contemporary. The rod should also match the look of the rest of the room, and can be matched in colour or style to other fixtures such as architraves and ceiling roses.

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